Revolted Masses Demo 2009

by Revolted Masses

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Self-titled demo, which was released in June 2009. First band release.


released June 1, 2009

Revolted Masses are:

George Triantafyllidis: Vocals
Vaggelis Theodorakis: Guitars
Kostas Karvounis-Zoumpos: Guitars
George Stathopoulos: Bass Guitar
Foivos Andriopoulos: Drums

1. Savage Temper
2. Slave of God
3. Shades of Past
4. Revolted Masses

Music and lyrics by Revolted Masses
Produced and mixed by Revolted Masses
Mastering by Nick M.

Artwork and band photo by 3NiL
Original cover photo by Aphelion

Thanks to:
3NiL, Paul Pap, Nick M, Ajo Theodorakis, Katia, Aggeliki, Dionysis, Anastasis



all rights reserved


Revolted Masses Αθήνα, Greece

Revolted Masses were formed in 2008 in Athens, Greece. Their music approaches the area of death/thrash metal, with a unique touch of oriental elements. Their lyrics are mainly of a radical political nature. The band has released two demos and two full-length albums so far, and it has performed in various live venues all over Greece. ... more

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Track Name: Savage Temper
Politic tricks and lies, keep us blind
The world is in war, cause money is the law

I won't stay and watch
I will fight you back
I will defy your system
Come again you fools
Today's massive killers
Are baptized saints
They are in front of us
They are TV stars
They kill for money
Money is their god
They keep us hypnotized
Look at the clock
It's time to raise your voice
It's time to wake up
From your eternal slumbers
Wake up with wrath

War, starvation, slaves of rotten nations
I dare, I try, I feel denied
My dreams, my fears the time is near
Revolution, evolution the only solution
Track Name: Slave Of God
Pray to the monarch of your soul
Is your life enlightened enough?
Eat your "bread" drink your "wine"
and thank your god for your life

Father, the son and the holy crap
opiate the masses
Popes, priests and patriarchs
leaders of lambs and sinners
Christ's agents teach their lies
lies of "wisdom", eternal lies

Here is my desire
It's eternal light

and god created earth
god created light
god created night

Thy will be done!

and god created
all the beasts
god created man

Thy will be done!

and Lord created hate
Lord created war
Lord created wrath

Thy will be done!

and Lord created kings
Lord created slaves
Lord created guns

Thy will be done!


God's slave
Pathetic slave
Track Name: Shades Of Past
Lost in shades of darkness
My soul is dying once more
I'm lying here helpless
I'm dying here nameless

A voice whispers in my ears,
never look an ashtray full of thoughts
It's gonna bring you tears
It's gonna make you fall

Hate me
Hate me
Hate me
Hate me

Looking back in shades of past,
so much lies have been told
I can't go on
I can't go on
I'm lying here faithless
I'm fading here in emptiness
I can't go on
I can't go on

So much time spent,
looking for love
So much wine I've drunk and I still want more...

Kill me for me it's all the same
Deny me for me it's all the same
Hate me for me it's all the same

Kill me for me it's all the same
Deny me for me it's all the same
Save me for me it's all the same
Track Name: Revolted Masses
Tremendous growth for the rich
exploiting the poor
Repression and religion make
Arrogant pigs prepare, this Babylon
will fall
Revolted masses will bring our

It's time for the starving child to have revenge
It will eat your head and wipe his mouth with
your money
It's time for working class heroes to prevail
Run you little green pigs, we are hungry

Come on slaves break your rusty chains
take your lives in your own hands
Come on blinds see the red light
and we will raise the red flag

(From Internationale)
"Arise workers from your slumbers
Arise prisoners of want
For reason in revolt now thunders
And at last ends the age of cant

Away with all your superstitions
Servile masses arise, arise
We'll change henceforth the old tradition
And spurn the dust to win the prize"

For reason